Today is Canadian Library Workers Day!

About Canadian Library Workers Day

It’s a chance for each of us to say thank you to those who lead these learning hubs in our school communities. Beyond lending books and supporting research, library workers provide valuable contributions to all those in the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB). Whether it’s a student discovering the joy of reading, or a staff member who is looking for the right reference to support their teaching, library staff are always there to help by sharing their expertise.

Libraries are more than just a place to find books. Libraries help to:

  • Promote cultural awareness
  • Increase engagement in the community
  • Provide educational programs

Libraries in the WRDSB

Across the WRDSB, library workers:

  • Increase student engagement in reading and literacy development
  • Foster a culture of inquiry and critical thinking
  • Support personal, social and cultural growth

Library Learning Commons

The WRDSB Library Learning Commons provides quality subscription online content for students. These subscription databases are essential resources for quality research and provide easy access to a broad and diverse range of resources for students and staff.

Learn more about the Library Learning Commons.