Holiday Happenings at Moffat Creek Public School

We look forward this year to holding three special events at Moffat Creek prior to the holidays.  Please know that we recognize that it is challenging for some families as it involves two dates. We have done this due to the sheer size of our community and the recognition of the potential number of visitors that we would have participating, if it was all held on one day.  Thank you so much for your understanding. We appreciate your support!

Event # 1

Wednesday, December 20         7:00-8:30

Intermediate students present   “Once on a Housetop” Musical

All classes and students in grades 7 and 8 are participating.

Event # 2

Thursday, December 21             11:20-1:00

Participating classes in the primary / junior divisions will be doing a holiday themed performance including songs, readings, short skits and dances.

Please note the following classes are participating: Kindergarten (Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Wyse, Mr. Woodfield), Gr. 1 (Mrs. Brohman, Ms. Padilla), Gr. 1-2 (Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Rodenburg), Gr. 2 (Mrs. Inget, Mme. Botnaru / Mrs. Mastrioanni), Gr. 3 (Mr. Landon), Gr. 3-4  (Mme. Botnaru / Mrs. Mastroianni, Gr. 5 (Mr. Patel, Mr. Wright), Gr. 6 (Mrs. Potter, Ms. McKenna)

Event #3

Thursday, December 21           1:50-2:35

Participating Classes in the Primary and Junior divisions will be holding a classroom open house.  In such instances, parents of the children in the participating classes are given an opportunity to visit the classroom where they may be doing a craft with the students, watching students do a performance in the class or simply visiting to participate in an activity that the class is doing for the open house event.

Please note the following classes are participating in the Open House:   Gr. 3-4 (Mrs. Alkin, Miss Roth, Mme. Clement/Mrs. Watson), Gr. 4 (Mrs. Bauman),  and Gr. 5 (Mme. Clement/Mrs. Watson)

The open house classes will be doing special activities within the classroom and are inviting parents to come and visit during this special time.

Parking:  We will be opening up the gates to allow vehicle parking in the back. We will begin to allow vehicles in the back starting at 10:50 a.m. We recognize that we will be unable to potentially accommodate all visitors but we shall try!

**Please know that if you take your child out early, sign them out at the office or from the classroom (if they are participating in the open house).